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The Rising Popularity of Natural Cosmetics: Exploring Reasons and Factors

The sales of natural cosmetics have experienced a significant surge in recent years. Consumers are increasingly drawn towards skincare products that incorporate active natural ingredients, as these components not only repair and mitigate damage but also slow down the signs of aging. Herbal cosmetics and skincare items have gained immense popularity due to their daily usage and the avoidance of harmful effects commonly associated with chemical or synthetic products. Unlike synthetic skincare alternatives, herbal cosmetics are biodegradable, gentle, and exhibit low toxicity.

Why are Natural Cosmetics Gaining Popularity?

Natural cosmetics have become exceptionally popular for several reasons, including their efficiency, easily sourced ingredients, and safety. Moreover, consumer awareness and innovation play a pivotal role in the increasing sales and demand for natural cosmetics.

The sales of natural cosmetics consistently outpace the overall cosmetic and beauty market. This notable boost in sales can be attributed to various factors, such as product innovation, increased consumer awareness, rising buying power, and favorable regulations in emerging regions. Although the definition of cosmetic product classification varies, experts agree that the sales of natural cosmetics are growing at a faster rate than other segments. The global market for organic and natural skincare has witnessed double-digit growth year after year.

The Impact of Consumer Awareness on Natural Cosmetic Sales

The growing consumer awareness regarding the efficacy and benefits of organic skincare products continues to captivate global consumers who wish to steer clear of chemically processed alternatives. While plant-based ingredients were once enough to entice users, product effectiveness and functionality are now considered vital by discerning consumers. Recent research indicates that skincare products account for the most significant revenue segment, surpassing 32 percent of the global market. Hair care products come in second, contributing to over 25 percent of the total profit.

The increasing awareness among users about the harmful effects of fake or synthetic products on the body, coupled with a heightened focus on personal appearance, has fueled the demand for natural skincare items. Additionally, the introduction of new products and the expansion of distribution channels are expected to further drive this demand.

The Emergence of Natural Cosmetic Markets

While Europe and North America currently dominate the natural cosmetics market, Asia and Brazil are emerging as the fastest-growing regions, experiencing a growth rate of approximately 15 percent since 2013. Despite facing a high level of competition within the market, these regions exhibit substantial growth potential. Notably, the organic skincare sector in the US and Europe, where sustained high growth is observed, stands out as a prominent contributor to the industry’s overall expansion.

In recent years, organic product sales have outpaced the overall personal care market, achieving double the growth rate of approximately 3 percent. Furthermore, the effects of the pandemic have reverberated across various sectors, significantly impacting consumer behavior. Organic and natural cosmetics have become the preferred choice for many consumers, not only due to their product features but also due to the deeper holistic values and principles they embody.

Embracing Sustainable Consumption of Organic Cosmetics

Consumers worldwide are demanding change, advocating for waste reduction, transparency, sustainable and ethical consumption, and a healthy lifestyle paradigm. European regulators have recently introduced green and fair programs to address these concerns. In the coming years, the global level of environmental awareness, consumer demands, policy developments, and evolving habits will continue to drive innovation in natural and organic cosmetics.

Regulatory Clarifications and Market Influence

While the sales of deodorants, shower gels, and skincare products have faced challenges during the pandemic, the demand for shampoos and makeup has significantly declined. The crisis has compelled many companies to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to boost online sales. In several product categories, firms have experienced a surge of over 50 percent in ecommerce sales compared to 2019.

The increased demand for hand sanitizers and soaps worldwide has prompted the EU to seek better guidance to ensure cosmetic compliance. Last year, the EU commission provided clarifications, clearly distinguishing between biocidal and cosmetic products, and offering informative examples to combat misleading claims made by skincare gels.

Latest Innovations in Natural Cosmetics

The ongoing trend of organic cosmetics presents research challenges that aim to strike the perfect balance between natural plant-derived components and bio-actives. These advancements aim to improve product absorption, enhance cellular metabolism, maintain proper moisture balance, hydration, circulation, exfoliation, and provide adequate cellular nutritional support and lymphatic functions, ultimately facilitating skin detoxification.


The global market for organic cosmetics continues to grow exponentially, with projections reaching billions of dollars in the coming years. Companies worldwide are strategically positioning themselves to increase their presence and the market share of organic cosmetics and skincare products on the international stage. Instead of synthetic skincare items, consumers across the globe prefer natural, organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products. This shift reflects the mainstream direction of the organic cosmetic industry as it aligns with the evolving preferences and demands of discerning customers.


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