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“In the red or in the black” is not only a book about business, it is about life in general. Her co-author Dan Sullivan founded Strategic Coach Inc. with offices in Canada, the US and the UK. In the book, he shared his vision and strategies that helped him succeed. Let’s talk about three of them.

Think in trajectories

Einstein is credited with the following statement: “Insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting to get a new result.”

Thinking in trajectories is a source of hope. Research shows that hopeful people use setbacks and setbacks to find a new, better path to their goals.

And vice versa, when a person who has lost hope fails, he prefers to abstract from what is happening and get distracted, for example, on social networks, without drawing any conclusions from his own experience.

The bottom line is this: instead of sitting in the red and hoping that everything will somehow work out, turn failures into pluses.

In Peaks and Valleys, Spencer Johnson, MD, explains that all the good things in life happen because of what we do when we’re down, but failure comes from what we do when we’re up. Rise is a period when everything is going great. A recession is a period when we face difficulties or experience pain.

Try to see an upswing behind every downturn, and after it, solutions that will take the situation from minus to plus.


Do not look for meaning in events, create it yourself.

If you start looking for meaning in events, you will inevitably find yourself in the red, as you will begin to compare your situation with someone else’s and you will either feel better than others or worse.

Start giving meaning to events and experiences.

The higher the value, the deeper the meaning. Everything that we especially appreciate makes a lot of sense. It turns out that in today’s world, value and meaning arise precisely and only when we realize the importance of what is happening or experienced.

Experience transformation is a tool that helps you think about what is happening and quickly turn any important situation, whether positive or negative, into lessons, innovative solutions, insights that are relevant to professional work and private life.

To start using this approach, take out your diary and then follow the next algorithm.

  1. Think of a specific situation, whether positive or negative.
  2. Think about what worked in this situation?
  3. How can you benefit from this experience in order to apply it in the future?
  4. What conclusions can be drawn from the situation regarding what you do not want?
  5. Based on the knowledge you now have gained from this situation, think about what you should do differently in the future?
  6. What can you be grateful for in the context of this experience?

When you are in the black, you realize full responsibility for everything that happens to you.

Make the most of the hour before bed and the hour after waking up

Our brain is especially productive right after waking up. But if you’re not used to using the hour before bed effectively, you’re not using your brain in the morning either. Going to bed without thinking about the day ahead, when you wake up, you begin to act reactively, responding to external events.

And this is considered quite normal in our culture. Most people are on their phones right before bed. Waking up, they also pick up the phone first. When they wake up, they don’t have a plan for the day. Before going to bed, they did not load the brain and subconscious with important questions or problems that needed to be addressed.

Devote your evening and morning hours to planning, thinking about the challenges that the day is preparing for you. And you will see how, following your thoughts, your actions change, and events along with them.



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