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Minerals and vitamins are essential to help the body develop, remain healthy, and function as it should be. Though many individuals get what’s recommended by eating healthy, some need some added boost. This is where supplements come in-offering you the support needed by your body to remain functional and healthy. There is an array of supplements available. There are old supplements and new ones offered in the market, and it cannot be denied that these supplements have become intrinsic parts of life, particularly health and wellness.

The year 2021 is all about main supplement trends such as beauty supplements, stress-relieving supplements, and nutritional supplements, but realize that there are more to these trends. The year 2022 unveils the biggest trends that are believed to play essential roles in promoting health and wellbeing. The following are the top 6 supplement trends of 2022 worth knowing:

  • Common Gummies

Supplements will come in gummies form. Gummies is one of the forecasted supplement trends in 2022 although, gummies supplements have already been in the market before, and some people have already come across these kinds of supplements. Gummy supplements are popular choices among consumers and patients and are more appealing and are easy to consume. These are offered in a variety of flavors and often get rid of the pill burden of those with complex medication regimens.

  • Collagen

In the supplement industry, the collagen category is rapidly growing and increasing in popularity. These supplements will be widely used, considering their wide range of uses and applications. Many take collagen supplements to improve their skin, joint, and hair health. Healthcare professionals revealed that using collagen supplements is generally safe. Still, it would be best for a person to talk with a medical expert before he tries using new supplements or increase the use of the existing supplements. Collagen supplements come in different types, such as fish collagen or marine collagen, giving some people who don’t eat meat a healthy alternative.

  • CBD Gummies

One of the easiest, most fun, and convenient ways of taking Cannabidiol is through CBD gummies. Supplements come in CBD gummies form and can be helpful for several purposes like combating insomnia and overcoming anxiety. These gummies are also excellent choices for those looking to try CD for the very first time. CBD is a very controversial ingredient, but this does not stop experts from using this in manufacturing supplements that will leave lasting and good effects.

CBD-infused supplements bind receptors into the body, which might help in reducing stress and allowing users to enjoy a relaxing experience. These CBD supplements also have many other potential health benefits, including but not limited to promoting better sleep, improving mood, and more. Aside from CBD supplements, CBD edibles are popular too.

  • Pet Supplements

Over-the-counter pet supplements will also be trending in 2022, and the demand for these supplements will surely be on the rise. Aside from improving the overall wellness of pets, other reasons why pet owners invest in pet supplements are improving the appearance of the coat, boosting joint health, and optimizing their heart health. Interestingly, there are various popular supplements for pets that resemble the supplements that humans take.

Taking, for instance, CBD for dogs. The demand for these supplements is expected to increase in the coming years. Probiotics are another trending supplements category for pets. Just like humans, cats and dogs have a microbiome. Prebiotic and probiotic supplements may help pets’ gut health.

  • Vegan Supplements

A growing number of people worldwide will seek out vegan-friendly supplements that often contain animal ingredients. These supplements can be taken to prevent deficiency which might take place while following a strict vegan diet. Vegan collagen is one common example of a vegan supplement. While the actual collagen doesn’t need to be taken from animals, various manufacturers of collagen supplements plan to recreate this from plant-based ingredients. Vegan collagen can also be marketed as a nutrient that boosts nail and skin health. In 2022 and even in the coming years, vegan supplements will be marketed and widely considered to be healthier and safer alternatives.

  • DTC Supplements

Health and wellness continue to become top priorities among consumers, and DTC vitamins and supplements are expected to grow in popularity. There will be numerous DTC supplements brands that will be readily available in the market. Because of the pandemic, there has been a big year for direct-to-consumer space. Just like numerous industries such as healthcare, the supplement industry was greatly impacted by the quick growth of the e-commerce sector. People will see an increasing number of brands of nutritional supplements go 100% DTC.

These are the top 6 supplement trends in 2022 that will surely set forth the biggest changes and positive impacts to the supplement industry, including the consumer’s niche. These trends will give people new and unique insights into what they can expect from trending supplements and even allow them to learn where they will be most accessible. There might be various sources, but most of the time, trending supplements can be purchased online.


The list of impactful trends in the supplement industry was finally unveiled. Some factors make every trend unique in its way, but some factors connect these supplement trends. These new health supplement trends can cater to both small and big audiences, and mainstream supplements will grow exponentially. New products will be driven and will become more appealing to different user groups.


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