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These are thousands of goods of different directions: figure correction, fight against bad habits, beauty and health of men (potency, muscle mass), eyes, beauty and health of women (problems with skin, hair, nails), recovery. life (fighting depression), other types of diseases such as diabetes, psoriasis, etc. Among them are weight loss products, drugs for fighting fungus, for the treatment of joints (an eternal topic for an adult and wealthy public), and, of course, an adult (potency) is especially beneficial.

Why nutra?

Nutra is good because the product is simple and understandable. They are always in demand, they solve people’s problems. It is also important that this vertical has a wide GEO. For example, in Venezuela and Kyrgyzstan they buy cosmetics well, while in America and Australia they dream of losing weight. Despite the fact that the rates for offers in potbelly stoves are high, the cost of traffic is low. Also among the offers you can really find a profitable one, it is enough to spend time on the analysis of affiliate programs.


The main areas of work with nutra

There are three models for working with nutra:

Cash on Delivery (COD) is the most popular model for nutra in Bourges. This is a scheme when the user leaves his data, then the call center contacts the client, the package is sent and redeemed upon receipt. Non-redemption of a parcel abroad is much lower than in Ukraine, so the arbitrator does not have problems with approval.

Direct sales – payment by card on the site. This is not the most popular model because visitors rarely want to leave their credit card details on an unfamiliar site. But the arbitrator immediately receives a reward after the purchase.

Trial is also not a very popular model. The meaning of this model is that the visitor fills out a form in which he indicates the delivery address and credit card information. The partner checks the accuracy of the data and pays a reward if everything is in order. Next, the visitor receives a sample of the product and automatically receives a subscription to a paid product. With each purchase, normal affiliate programs deduct a percentage to the partner.

Which GEO to use and why?

Affiliate programs have been targeting India and Asia and other countries with low traffic for the second year. So it is worth paying attention to the EU, where the rates are very high. Payments – 20-30 dollars for a confirmed application. And don’t let the need to know the language stop you. You can always peep advertising materials from competitors.

We create promotional materials

As a rule, the following scheme is used in the interior: laying + landing.

Ribbons and preprints that look like the cover of a magazine work best.

If you want to create a platform and landing page yourself, we advise you to pay attention to local TV shows and take the design from them. Explore forums and social networks, websites and product reviews. We need to understand the problems of people, find out where to beat and what to be creative. When the idea is thought up, it’s time to make an attractive picture. When creating, use photos of famous people, product reviews, infographics.

To adjust the creative and landing page, keep in touch with the manager. He will offer you the best deals.

Selecting a traffic source

See sources for partners. Usually traffic is merged through native advertising, push notifications, teasers, banners, stickers and popunders, clickanders.

Tariffs for traffic in advertising networks are as follows: push 0.024 per click, banners 0.001$ per click, popunders 0.2-0.5$ per click.


Once you’ve chosen an offer, test the layout and landing page by placing a trial order. This way you will know how the partner processes the order and how quickly the package is delivered. Be sure to use a tracker to track your stats, keep an eye on the price of the app, and be sure to check that everything works. And you will succeed!


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