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It will be enough that the social networks in which even yeti is already registered are the same sites.

But just social networks for business are not enough now. Social networks are an excellent communication tool and allow you to be on the same wavelength with the client: quick feedback, the most concise and useful information, one-click accessibility is all good, but social networks are not to completely replace the site with them.

Mobile apps, Inst accounts, etc. – derivatives of the site itself. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is still not worth abandoning your own website as an additional way to attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of your existing customer base. Now I will explain why.

Responsive website replaces mobile app

Yes, it is. And you don’t need to download anything. A good website is as functional as an app. But developing an application costs ten times more than creating a website with an adaptive one.
Especially if you have a small company or a medium-sized business, a website is a great solution for you.
And the fun fact is that all the functionality of the application can fit in the site and its development takes less time.


The site is an office

All entrepreneurs and business owners have heard this thousands of times. But what does this really mean?
Imagine for a second that you entered the room and an obsessive consultant does not approach you. There is nothing superfluous, and your own ecosystem is formed around you. Your subconscious has not yet had time to formulate a question, but the answer to it has already been received. Everything about the company through one link and anywhere in the world.

The truth is that the site needs to be monitored

It is necessary to update the information on the site and update it. Fill it with high-quality photo and video content.
This is your baby and you need to look after it. If you neglect the points above, then the user may get the impression that the company is not active.
Every month, you need to conduct site analytics for user interaction with its content. It is important to understand that the site is made not so much for the company, but for its customers, so that it would be more comfortable for customers to interact with it.
And companies without a website definitely lose at this point.

A company without a website does not exist

Now people almost don’t even go out for food, they order delivery through special services and websites. If you want to keep up with the times, then it’s time to have your own website.

A website is not a guarantee of leads

A website alone cannot drive customers to a business. This is a landing page. In conjunction with the site, advertising and targeting are required.
The direct function of the site is to maintain the interest of a person and transfer him from just a warm client to a ready to buy one.


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