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Certain hurdles in affiliate marketing make people believe they can’t do without a website at all. Affiliate marketing without creating a website, is it even possible? Still would! The only question is how? In order not to torment you in anticipation, the AdsBridge team is in a hurry to demonstrate a lot of options.

Affiliate marketing is a really convenient and effective way to make money online. You don’t have to worry about supply management, shipping or returns, and you don’t have to have items on hand! Don’t even worry about having an impressive experience and a physical office. Sounds tempting, right? Just learn the basic characteristics of products that relate to your industry, then you can successfully sell them to other people.

How to become a top arbitrator?

Perhaps you got confused and then stuck with the question – can I become an affiliate without a website?

  • Yes, it’s not easy. The path to success begins with a thorough market analysis, strategic planning and a significant investment of time.
  • 99% of success in affiliate business is how you get started.
  • In short, do your best to be in the right place at the right time.

The main issue worth delving into is the right offer. You can shovel a lot of offers yourself. Or, act like a true professional – choose a popular affiliate program and source traffic to facilitate the search process in a comprehensive way.

Your offers must be posted somewhere, for example, on trending social networks. You will increase your chances of success if your audience accepts them positively.

After you have chosen a cool offer and an appropriate traffic source, skim the cream: marketers get a fairly generous percentage for leads, a large number of orders, referrals.

To track sales, you will be provided with an affiliate link. Whenever someone completes an action or buys something from a link, you win! The coolest thing about the whole process is that you are still researching affiliate marketing without a website!

5 Awesome Ways to Get Started Without a Website

Whether you’re already a pro or not at all tech savvy, this article is useful for both. To motivate you, we will tell you about excellent options that are suitable for a beginner. Just double-check that you have found out all the requirements before you start implementing affiliate programs.


Social networks

Social networks go hand in hand with the partner ecosystem. This method of advertising affiliate links is considered the most popular.

Take your audience seriously, it’s important when it comes to making money.

You need to have an audience that is really interested in what you post.

Choosing a strategy to sell products long before earning their loyalty is likely to lead to failure. First, you need to earn the loyalty of the audience with the help of quality content, and only then, start sharing affiliate links in the news feed of your friends. To impress your readers, share articles related to your niche, chat with your followers by answering their questions, use eye-catching visuals. 


YouTube is the most powerful example of digital marketing. You don’t have to be a YouTube star with a huge audience to earn a decent income as an affiliate. You don’t need fancy equipment to successfully launch your channel, just a good webcam and some smart ideas.

Engaging videos will expand your YouTube audience as their attention will be consumed by the elements you promote. Be honest when mentioning that you are linking to affiliate links. Do not forget that the content of your videos must match the theme of the products.

Within your videos, you can:

  • Describe the equipment used for filming.
  • Highlight all unique products that appear in your video.
  • Share links to products you’ve described.
  • Recommend services designed to solve the problems you raised in your video.

If you upload your videos regularly, and affiliate links are relevant to the topic, you will get satisfied customers who are interested in learning about the materials you post and clicking on the links you share.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool that is conveniently integrated into the affiliate mega world. First of all, you need a list of users who will be interested in your news. You can make a list yourself or buy one.

The smartest thing is to build the list yourself, because the quality of the purchased mailing lists is a big question mark.

So let’s break down the process of building an email list to make it easier to understand how to run affiliate marketing without a website.

You don’t need a website at all, as many developers will gladly provide you with hosting and simple registration forms.

In order for people to trust you and indicate their email, prepare a convincing offer in return. It could be a free course, a resource, or a guide.

Imagine that you have already created a form and an exclusive offer, now you need to send traffic to your registration form. You can use social media to post something, or use paid ads to speed up your list building process.

Once you have built trust among your subscribers, you can start a regular e-mail chain to promote your products. To make a ton of money with this type of marketing, you need to be a strong copywriter and provide your audience with valuable content to help solve their problem.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is another cool way to take advantage of affiliate marketing without even launching a website.

Opportunities abound, from paid advertising on search engines to paid advertising on social media and other lucrative places.

Forums and Communities

A variety of platforms are now ubiquitous, and they can be used without restrictions to promote partner materials. How exactly? First, find a forum that covers what you are going to advertise. Be sure to read the forum rules to understand which messages will be moderated and which will not.

Once you have found suitable forums, register and become an active member. This way people will trust you. Take the time to build trust before you start promoting anything. Chat with other members, answer their questions or suggest solutions by sharing affiliate links. Be patient, people won’t immediately feel more confident to click on your links.

In case there are any doubts

and still tormented by the question – can I do affiliate marketing without a website? Undoubtedly! There are many ways, and we have discovered only five of them. What you definitely need to do is overcome fear, be creative and go on an adventure.

Be consistent in your posts and create worthy content in a timely manner. Try our methods and find out for yourself which of the five will give you the best results. Track your progress and rest easy, as each method shows drastically different results.

Bypassing all this hassle with sites, you have a chance to become a successful member of the affiliate market, so go for it!

May all your efforts bring positive results!


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