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Today, a significant part of our social life takes place on the Web. It is there that we get the opportunity “to look at people and show ourselves.” And, of course, we want to get feedback from other users in order to feel like a part of society. How to “behave” in social networks so that we like and write comments?

Not for bloggers!

I will immediately warn you that I will not give advice in this article on how to get a large number of friends and subscribers. It happens that a person has several thousand friends on a social network, but he maintains contacts with a maximum of several dozen people, or even less.

Unless, of course, you plan to become a professional blogger, then you should be concerned about the quality of contacts, and not the number of subscribers.

So, here are some recommendations that can be given based on both the author’s own experience and the experience of other people.

Post your own pictures in your account, not someone else’s photos or pictures from the Internet

For some reason, many do not want to put their own photo on the avatar, or their photo is very small, or their face is in the shade. And inside the page they avoid posting their pictures. Of course, people may have reasons for this – for example, they consider themselves not photogenic or do not want to “shine” their own appearance at all. Therefore, their feed can consist entirely of photos of famous people and some illustrations “in the subject.” But what can say about you personally, for example, a photograph of Einstein, or an image of a cup of coffee, or a poster downloaded from somewhere with a kitten?

A psychologist friend of mine believes that such accounts look completely faceless. And there are hardly many who want to “like” or comment on third-party pictures.

It’s better to “dilute” the tape with your own pictures. They do not have to be many, for example, they can be photos taken on some special occasion. If there are no good shots, then it makes sense to order a professional photo shoot. Trust me, it’s often worth it!

Post posts that are personal to you

For some users, literally the entire feed consists of reposts of someone else’s information. They publish posts of their acquaintances, celebrity statements, some news from the Web … Sometimes one gets the impression of a violent activity of the account owner, but in reality, few people are interested in such information. After all, it says almost nothing about you as a person.

If you want to be interesting to other people, then at least occasionally post something “personal”. Or new photos, or some news from your own life. Moreover, you do not need to post everything that you see on the Internet. Such “illegibility” will inevitably lead to a loss of interest from your subscribers.

Don’t get carried away with “personal”

But everything is good in moderation, and you should not share every moment of your life with the readers of your account. Say, announce to everyone that you went on vacation, or your apartment faucet broke, or describe what you ate for lunch today.

It is advisable to publish news about some important and significant events in your life. You got married, you had a baby, you graduated from an educational institution, you got a promotion or a new job, you won some kind of competition, you published a book, your paintings got into an exhibition, and so on.

You can, of course, turn to users for advice. Let’s say you are looking for a good doctor, or a cosmetologist, or a tutor for a child … Or some problem has arisen, and you do not know how to solve it. In this case, asking for advice is entirely appropriate.

A series of posts and pictures on the topic “how we relax at sea” or “how we spent the weekend” may be of interest only to your close friends and acquaintances. It is better not to put such content on public display, but to make it visible only to individual users. In addition, remember that for security reasons it is not recommended to flaunt your private life.


Publish more media, not texts

I noticed a long time ago that published photos or videos collect much more likes and comments than text posts. Yes, there are bloggers who constantly publish articles, opinions on various topics, and they are read. But they already have their own circle of readers who come to them. But if you are not a blogger, but an ordinary user, then remember that many simply will not read a long post, because there are “a lot of bookoffs”. Another thing is the photo – you can just look at it. And turn on the video in the background and in parallel do some other things.

Try to publish the content itself, not links to it

When I post some posts, photos or videos on my page, they usually get a response. But if I give links to some articles or media content that lead to third-party resources, then there are much fewer likes and comments, or there are none at all.

Why? Often the user does not understand at all what the link is for, or he is simply too lazy to follow it. If you post links, it is better to accompany them with an explanation of what it is. For example, “an interesting article” or “a film about my anniversary”.

If this is your own published article somewhere, or an article about you, or media content that is relevant to you, write it. Users should be motivated to click on the link.



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