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Elastic tapes help fight swelling, relax spasmodic muscles, prevent the formation of wrinkles and creases – and all this is safe and without injections. But is it really all that good?

The popularity of taping is gaining momentum. For example, many stars decide to fight wrinkles and ptosis not with injections, but with special elastic bands that are glued to the skin.

Taping is a procedure that is used in sports, pediatrics, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine of the face and body. Specialists use tapes for recovery and rehabilitation, and in plastic surgery clinics they are used to get rid of edema and relieve pain.

But lately, social media users have been using tapes at home instead of going to a knowledgeable doctor. Elastic bands are commercially available, sticking techniques can be found on the Internet – why pay more and do this procedure in the clinic, they thought. And they were very wrong.

Looking ahead, let’s say that taping that is ineptly performed and does not correspond to the indications simply will not work. And, worse, it will harm the skin, causing deepening of wrinkles, facial asymmetry, swelling, allergic reactions and pigmentation. And now about everything in order.


Is it safe?

People are convinced that sticking teips on the skin of the face before going to bed will help prevent the deepening of old wrinkles and the formation of new ones. Elastic bands, in their opinion, should be kept all night, and in the morning you will get smooth skin without swelling and visible creases.

But doctors say that at-home “night” taping procedures can do more harm than good. “Using duct tape all night can damage your skin when you take it off. Pimples, redness, and irritation can occur,” explains Michael Horn, MD, Chicago Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

To make matters worse, cheap taping tapes can contain a lot of adhesive, and also not be as tight as to properly hold the muscles still for a long time.

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Does it work?

Theoretically yes, but if you do it at home and without knowledge of anatomy, you risk getting the opposite effect. Those wrinkles that you would like to “erase” can become even more noticeable.

“When you apply tape to the face to keep the muscles still during the night, you prevent them from doing their job by increasing resistance. They, in turn, will only become more powerful, and this will accelerate the formation of wrinkles, ”continues Horn.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons know everything about the structure of the facial muscles, so before using tapes, you should consult with a specialist, and not with social media users.


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