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Vitamins are essential nutrients that work hard to keep the body functioning properly and drive essential processes needed in people’s day-to-day lives. Though people do their best to eat and live healthily, some nutrients are just hard to get from foods alone. Vitamins help ensure that you meet the regular requirements of essential vitamins.

Individuals from different walks of life have become more conscious about their fitness and health so the use of vitamins has grown dramatically. In 2021, there have been the biggest vitamin trends that many people have witnessed and experienced. These trends include trends in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, trends in minerals, and more. These 2021 trends have essential roles played to ensure people’s good health and wellness, and in 2022, other biggest vitamin trends are expected to rise.

The 7 Biggest Vitamin Trends of 2022 Unveiled

In the present and the coming years, people will remain invested in healthy lifestyles. With the COVID 19 pandemic on the rise, it’s expected to have accelerated demands for vitamins and other healthcare products. General health is indeed a big driver for sales, with healthy aging, heart health, and mental health as the most crucial areas of concern.

The following are the forecasted vitamin trends in 2022:

Stress-Relieving Vitamins and Supplements

There are instances that life is filled with stressful and challenging events, resulting in an increase in mental health issues across different age groups. As a result, many people turn to vitamins and supplements to support and protect their mental health. There has been an anticipated growth rate in mental health vitamins and supplements in the next five years.

People can also expect to see important ingredients like L-theanine, magnesium, B-complex vitamins, cannabidiol (CBD), valerian, melatonin to become popular as these are linked to lower anxiety and stress levels and better sleep. Additionally, plant-based adaptogens will also soar in popularity as this supports the stress response in the body.


Beauty Support

Vitamins that support beauty are also one of the biggest vitamin trends in 2022. Expect skincare and beauty supplements to grow more significantly this year. These vitamins and supplements will help treat issues from inside and out would be a growing priority. These may contain beauty-boosting ingredients, including Vitamin C, collagen peptides, ceramides, antioxidant-rich green tea, hyaluronic acid, and more.

Immune Health

In 2022, expect to see vitamins and supplements containing ingredients like selenium, zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B complex vitamins, and alternative health remedies like ginger and turmeric. Some experts in the industry also believe that mushroom extracts will play a big part in the biggest vitamin trend in 2022.

Vitamin D Trend

Vitamin D will also lead the trend as the leading nutrient for overall health. This vitamin is noted for its major role in terms of skin health, bone health, mental health, and immunity, and protection from chronic disease. Vitamin D started to make headlines in 2021 and is expected to do so in 2022. The Vitamin D market is also expected to increase by 2025.

Trends in Minerals

In minerals, choline, selenium, and magnesium will be trending. Magnesium will be more in demand than calcium, considering its many benefits in many health conditions such as circulatory health, cognitive health, brain health, metabolism, and cardiovascular health. Though some studies revealed the importance of selenium and its special properties promoting prostate health, choline is also gaining popularity for its neuroprotective and neurodevelopment benefits.

Specific Combinations Trend

Aside from the general preference for vitamins and magnesium, vitamin B and D, specific combinations will become more popular in 2022. Products with a combination of vitamins will be trending to fight diseases and boost immunity.

People will begin to prefer whole food, plant-based, organic, non-GMO, and clean label minerals and vitamins. They will also turn to vitamins, supplements, and minerals that will support busy lifestyles and modern life stress and pressure, mood health, cognitive health, eye health, sleep support, energy, and more. Brand owners are now offering many categories which further subdivide to cater to the specific needs of diverse demographics.

Pet Nutrition

With people becoming experts in choosing the best vitamins that their body needs, they are also making sure that their family members, including their pets, meet their nutritional requirements. Among the fastest-growing and trending vitamin, categories are pet foods, vitamins, and supplements. It is believed that pet vitamins and dietary supplements will become a billion-dollar industry in the coming years.

These are the 7 biggest vitamin trends that are making their way to the vitamins and supplement industry. People may accept these trends differently, but one thing remains the same, these trends will play an essential role in promoting health and wellness. It can’t also be denied that these trends carry with them numerous remarkable benefits that people can witness and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

In 2021, there are several changes and trends in the vitamins industry, and these are expected to continue in 2022. Moreover, more other trends might take place. Amidst this life-threatening pandemic, people will surely see more vitamins and supplements in the market focusing on nutrition and wellness of both body and mind. Companies will be on the rise to produce more products and will be more transparent about the ingredients used. While these biggest vitamin trends sound exciting, it would still be best to speak with a healthcare expert if you decide to try new vitamins. The vitamins you must take should carry out positive changes to your body and health.


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